This week was a tough day out for most of the teams with some narrow losses – See results below.

14 & Under Div 1 vs Fremantle – Score                   35 – 39

14 & Under Div 2 vs Fremantle – Score                   20 – 41

16 & under Div 1 vs Fremantle – Score                   36 – 44

16 & Under Div 2 vs Fremantle – Score                   23 – 46

18 & Under Div 1 vs Wanneroo – Score                   54 – 33

Open Div 1 vs Fremantle – Score                             42 – 49



In the 1st quarter it took the girls a few minutes to settle but once they did their ball movement was executed with great speed and they linked well down court. The shooter to shooter work between Emily Brackenreg and Natasha Oberman was sublime. The connection between these two looked effortless. Penny Laufmann was just wearing her opponent like a glove and you could see early on the frustration this caused on her opponent.

At the end of the 1st quarter the score was 15-8 to Perth

At the start of the 2nd quarter we saw Hannah Tweedie come into GK and straight away she made her intentions clear coming out for a screamer of an intercept the first time the ball headed her way.

Holli Johnson came onto WA and was showing some quick explosive movement over the line on the C pass and at times was showing some great speed to find the circle edge.

Hannah Tweedie and Matilda Dyke combined beautifully in the circle and were backing one another up stifling a lot of ball in that circle making life very difficult for the shooters from Wanneroo.  Their 2nd and 3rd effort was fantastic. Adrienne Byrne in the C role worked really hard through the middle with driving the ball down and contesting really well in the 1 on 1 contest with her opposite player.

We did lose a little bit of concentration in the 2nd quarter but still managed to extend our lead to 26-13 at the end of the 2nd quarter.

In the 3rd quarter we saw Charlize Underwood come onto to WA and she showed some good skills and some good vision with some lovely feeds into the circle. Our transition work was better and our timing improved a lot. Wanneroo really struggled with the defensive pressure that was applied over the whole court by the Perth girls.

At the end of the 3rd quarter it was 37-25 to Perth.

In the 4th quarter we saw more changes with Georgia Condon coming onto WD and Penny Laufmann moving into the Centre role and Shani Ferguson coming onto WA.  Georgia Condon came out all guns blazing and took the 1st 3 intercepts of the quarter she was determined and on a mission and she had the better of her opponent definitely in the 4th quarter. The combination between Shani Ferguson and Penny Laufmann was evident with some beautiful triangle work around the circle edge and some great intercepts made by Shani Ferguson on turnover ball. The whole defensive end combined well and created so much  pressure and this gave their attacking line so much ball and they limited Wanneroo to only 8 goals in the final quarter with Perth running out convincing winners

Final Score  Perth – 54 –  Wanneroo – 33