The first week of the Origin Energy Metro League went off without a hitch. All teams have been training hard in preparation and were raring to go.

14 and Under Team 1 Match Report by Lyndal Gordon (Head Coach)

Our anticipation and excitement got the better of us in the first quarter, we had the majority or the game play however were a bit shaky in goals. The girls managed to settle in the following quarter and really started to find their groove, finishing half time with a 2 goal lead. Changes going into the 3rd quarter highlighted the depth that we have in the team as we added another 2 goals to our lead. The fourth quarter saw our shooters really make their mark, physically battling with the oppositions very aggressive defenders. We finished the game winning by 8.

Big cheer to the shooters who really had to work hard, kept their cool and pushed through. Fantastic work by our defenders, very disciplined giving away only a handful of penalties. And of course the mid-courters who worked tirelessly both ends of the court, some fabulous movement around circle edge and defensive pressure down court.

Round 1 Results
14 & Under Division 1 PNA (27) DEF Success (19)
14 & Under Division 2 PNA (20) DEF BY Kalamunda (57)
16 & Under Division 1 PNA (50) DEF Wanneroo (35)
16 & Under Division 2 PNA (39) DEF Mandurah (26)
18 & Under Division 1 PNA (24) DEF BY Wanneroo (43)
Opens Division 1 PNA (50) DEF BY Kalamunda (56)