PNA is pleased to announce Mecca Sports as a new sponsor for 2020.  Mecca have everything you need to get you on the court and looking good for the coming season, including a wide range of netball equipment and apparel.

For the environmentally conscious, Mecca can also offer netball apparel made from recycled plastic.  Sports teams from Albany to Karratha and beyond will be wearing a unique fabric called Intercool made from this ecological new polyester fibre. Recycled Polyester (R-PET) is environmentally friendly, cost-effective and safe; the regenerated polyester fibre is made from recycled plastic bottles and performs as well as regular virgin polyester.

Mecca Sports’ founder and Managing Director, Daniel Sadik, says they have long been conscious of the impact of waste on our environment. As a result, Mecca bulk pack all of their sublimated garments without single use plastic bags to minimise. Now they are taking it one step further.

“I think everyone in our generation is conscious of climate change,” Sadik says, “and we want to do our part to ensure a future for generations to come.” “People often ask themselves what they can do to make a difference, we’re pleased to be able to play our part. Using R-PET as opposed to regular polyester helps us to keep plastic bottles out of the landfill and our oceans and helps to save natural resources.”

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