16 and Under Team 2 Match Report by Janette Connor (Head Coach) and Fiona Cohen (Assistant Coach).
16 2s had a tough challenge against the top of the ladder Kalamunda for Round 4.
Our key word for this game was “adjust” and the whole team rose to the occasion. Our defenders were disciplined and got plenty of tips and rebounds off Kalamunda’s slick moving shooting circle. Our centre court were faced with a very strong defence but used their game smarts to cut and drive to find the space while working as a team to work the ball to circle edge. Our shooters lead from the back, demanding the ball and putting up some gutsy shots.
The score (51-27) definitely did not reflect the game we put out there this week.
A big shout out to our players and training partners who were elevated to play for 18s, 16 1s and our team this week.

Round 4 Results
14 & Under Division 1 PNA (47) DEF Rockingham (21)
14 & Under Division 2 PNA (30) DEF Bunbury (9)
16 & Under Division 1 PNA (53) DEF Success (40)
16 & Under Division 2 PNA (27) DEF BY Kalamunda (51)
18 & Under Division 1 PNA (24) DEF BY Rockingham (53)
Opens Division 1 PNA (43) DEF BY Fremantle (67)