PNA had 22 teams participating in this year’s Fuel to Go and Play Association Championships. The weekend was enjoyed by all and PNA had great successes. Many of our representative teams were in the top four of their divisions with 2 teams coming out on top – 14 & Under Team 4 and Masters! Congratulations to all involved.

PNA had 2 No Limits teams involved in the year’s FTG&P Association Championships. The number of participants this years was our best yet! The competition was thoroughly enjoyed by all and we can’t wait to have them back in 2021.

Overall Placings
12.1 5th
12.2 7th
12.3 8th
12.4 7th
12.5 4th

13.1 2nd
13.2 4th
13.3 2nd
13.4 2nd
13.5 3rd

14.1 3rd
14.2 5th
14.3 7th
14.4 1st

15.1 3rd
15.2 4th
15.3 3rd

17.1 7th
17.2 5th

Masters 1st