Saturday 28th August is PNA Mental Health Awareness Round.  All teams and officials at PNA from Year 7/8 and above are invited to participate in the round by wearing a blue armband during their games on Saturday.

The aim of the round is to reassure people who may be suffering from a mental health illness that we care and that it is ok to talk to someone about it.  We also hope to give people the confidence to help anyone who either comes to them with a mental health condition or displays the signs.

Blue armband tape will be distributed to clubs and will be available from the PNA match office on Saturday.

PNA held a free Mental Health Awareness workshop last Monday night, which was facilitated by Jodii Maguire from Think Performance.  Jodii has also provided us with a number of important resources that can be used to assist raising awareness about mental health.  Click on the links below to view or download them.

Mental Health Matters:  Signs and Symptoms To Be Aware Of

Mental Health Services Available 24/7

Mental Health is just as important as Physical Health (poster)

10 Ways To Boost Your Mental Health

How To Support Someone To Be Mentally Healthy