Competitions Handbook

Rules, Information and Policy - ‘To encourage, promote, control and manage the game of netball within the Perth Netball Association (Inc.) area’

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1. Objectives

The objective of Perth Netball Association (Inc) (PNA) it to provide team competitions for members of affiliated Clubs, to enable teams who have reached the standard of the various divisions an equal opportunity to play against other teams of similar ability, over a given period of time. PNA aims to enhance netball and foster friendly rivalry, as a means of promoting netball participation and improving netball standards.

1.1. Definitions and Interpretations

Affiliated Club and Club means a club that has paid their affiliation fee to the Association.
Association means Perth Netball Association (Inc).
Clearance means clearing of a member from one club to another after registration has occurred.
Club means any group of teams or any singular team.
Competition means any Perth Netball Association run competition.
Delisting means removing a player from a team listing.
Deregister/withdrawal means removing a member from the affiliation listing of a club.
Division means a graded zoned section within a competition comprising teams of similar standard and ability.
Fixtures are the list of scheduled matches between teams for a division of a competition.
Grading means the process used by the competition committee to allocate club teams into divisions.
Junior means any player under the age of 18 at the 31st of December of the current year.
Match is the game played between two Clubs teams on a scheduled fixture date of the competition.

Match Day is the day of the match.
MyNetball is the national data base package used for recording and facilitating all competition information.                               NetSetGo is Netball Australia’s junior entry netball program available to 5 to 10 year olds and endorsed by Netball WA.
Open means any player above school age but at a minimum age of 15 as at 31st December of the current year.
Player means a person who is a financial club member and who qualifies to play in a PNA competition.

PNA Office means the administration office of Perth Netball Association located at Matthews Netball Centre.

Points means a scoring system applied for teams winning or drawing matches. The total points gained during a season shall determine a team’s relative position on the ladder.

Registered means a person who has been entered in MyNetball and is a financial member with a PNA Club, Netball WA, and or a Perth Lions netball region.
Round means all the matches played on a particular day.

Senior means any player 18 years or older at the 31st December of the current year.
Transfer means the transfer of a person’s data from one club to another within the MyNetball database system.

PNA Competition Handbook

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