PIPP Program



“Strong as Individuals, Stronger as a Team”

PIPP is a talent development program for PNA registered athletes aged 12 to 20 & Under inclusive. Participants are selected to take part in a 12 session specialist coaching program. The athletes selected in the 2022 program will form our Association Championships teams and training partners. 

Whilst the PIPP program is primarily aimed at developing playing skills, team dynamics and court movement. Other attributes will be developed as well including work ethic, leadership qualities and becoming a valuable team member.

The expectation of selected athletes is commitment, training intensity and a posititve attitude to personal and team development both on and off the court.

Please be aware that not all selected athletes are guaranteed selection into a FTG&P Association Championships team and may be selected as training partners. Being selected as a training partner should be seen as a great opportunity for personal growth and development. Training Partners may be presented an opportunity to be elevated into the playing squad. 

For further information about the PIPP program contact the PNA office on 9387 7011 or development@perthnetball.com.au

2022 PIPP Program

Changes to Age Groups

Netball WA have announced the below changes to the age breakdown of competitions at Association Championships. These changes align with the age groups for State Cup and GIG WANL providing better Talent ID opportunities by Netball WA and its subsequent programs.

 Age Requirements:

  • 12: Born in 2010
  • 13: Born in 2009
  • 14: Born in 2008
  • 16 & Under: Born in 2006 and 2007
  • 20 & Under: Born in 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2002

The changes made by Netball WA have allowed PNA to expand the PIPP Program to include development of 20 & Under athletes and modify the program to focus on skill development and team dynamics.

Player Development

In 2022, the PIPP and Association Championships Program will be combined to ensure maximum individual and team development. This program will be running on Sunday afternoons from late-February until the Association Championships weekend in June. Athletes selected into this program will form our Association Championships teams and training partners. Please be aware that athletes intending to represent PNA at the 2022 Association Championships must be involved in the 2022 PIPP Program to be available for selection.

The PIPP Program will run over 12-sessions and is aimed at skill development, team dynamics and court movement. Other attributes that are developed through this program include work ethic, leadership qualities and the club/ team approach.

2022 Program Dates:

  • Session 1: 13th March
  • Session 2:  20th March
  • Session 3:  Friday 25th March (Round Robin with FNA)
  • Session 4: 27th March
  • Session 5: 3rd April
  • Session 6: 24th April
  • Session 7: 1st May
  • Session 8: 8th May
  • Session 9: 15th May
  • Session 10: 22nd May
  • Session 11: 29th May


Congratulations to all selected 2022 PIPP atheletes and coaches.

12s Squad

Head Coach: Don Leyland

Coaches: Lyndal Gordon, Janine Drennan, Grace Skinner


Andrew Hannah
Baker Isabelle (Izzy)
Bogdanov Livia
Bope Serena
Brown Ruby
Canaris Rosie
Castagnino-Ellis Francesca
Cotter Clara
Crabb Alissa
D’Souza-Cookson Evie
De Masi Sophie
Dragicevic Jaida
Duck Emersyn
Farr Pippa
Foster Halle
Gascoyne Indi
Hammill Abigail
Ilijovski Sofia
Knox Alma
Logan Annalise
Love Jasmine
Majok Bakhita
O’Dea Ruby
Rear Chloe
Richardson Nina
Riolo Saige
Rodgers Ava
Sampson Alyssa
Scott Sarah (Sarsh)
Short Jasmine
Svendsen Freya
tierney rebecca
Vardy Tahnee
Wild-Bannon Summer
Woodham Malana
Wynyard-Thompson Ava
13s Squad

Head Coach: Don Leyland

Coaches: Alyson Stephens, Helen Riolo, Karen Winton, Tatjiana Pieris, Leah Richardosn


Alach Sienna
Allen Cassie
Ambrosino Lucia
Barbetti Elise
Barrows Hailey
Boyle Abby
Buckland Olivia
Burt Zara
Clay Ruby
Cripps Sophie
Davey Abby
Delaney Hazel
Donoghue Rose
Drennan Elle
Fazari Sofia
Foster Trier
Gilbey Lucy
Hammond Piper
Hardy Isabella (Izzie)
Harris Bailee
Hickling Allegra
Hutchinson Madeleine (Maddie)
Kavanagh Carla
Lo Presti Armani
Mentink Sunni
Miceli Tiana
Milianku Alexi
Montgomerie Grace
Norwood Ava
Ostle Olivia
Pekin Molly
Perry Neave
Philip Caitlin
Phillips Lucy
Plint Indianna (Indi)
Rhodes Maia
Rhodes Sienna
Rocavert Miranda
Spartalis Zara
Van vliet Ruby
Weaver Maddy
Weaver Grace
Whitney Zamia
Wilton Chelsea
Worrad Danja
Yau Helena
14s Squad

Head Coach: Deanne Quartermaine

Coaches: Vanessa Casement, Fiona Cohen, Brenda Cockburn, Ivana Scotford


Barry Darcy
Bonadeo India
Booth Rosie
Butler Harper
Cannon Zoe
Farrell Ashley
Gaunt Jasmine (Jas)
Grondal Amelia
Hammill Ashe
Heatley Addison (Addie)
Heffernan Lily
Hehir Macey
Hoogland Hannah
Keenan Chloe
King Georgia
Logan Isabella (Bella)
MacGregor Eva
Martin Livinia
Menehira Eden
Miceli Milana
Mort Isabel
Overholt Vienna
Palozsa Alexis (Lexi)
Pronk Charlie
Reuben Siahn
Rubens Rebecca (Becky)
Saggers Sophie
Sarich Ella
Seymore Abigail (Abi)
Smith Ella
Stevens Ruby
Thomas Sophie
Vacca Olivia
Witt Kate
Wynyard-Thompson Otia
16 & Under Squad

Head Coach: Gayle Watson-Galbraith

Coaches: Tanya Dean, John Savill, Caitlyn Brown, Holly Constantine, Keira McNamee, Danni Wright


Aisbett Tamzyn
Barnaba Arabella (Mimi)
Barnes Shannon
Bewsher Lian
Biddeloo Claudia
Blackley Tayla
Brincker Maya
Brown Yasmin
Carbone Sophia
Clarke Bethany
Collis Isabelle (Belle)
Couanis Lucy
Crabb Georgia
Crago Millie
Curley Thalia
Darlington Ashli
De Masi Mia
Dean Charlotte
Drennan Matilda
Fuller Leilani
Gamble Sequoia
Gasiorowski Madeline (Maddy)
Gaunt Neve
Gilbey Ella
Harding Isabella (Bella)
Harwood Sally
Herbert Charlotte
Hurstfield Emily
Kelly Juliet
Kish Emily
Kowal Olivia
Letch-Avenell Indiana (Indi)
Lo Vivienne (Viv)
Lucev Holly
McAullay Meg
McIntosh Mischa
McWha Alix
Meacock Clare
Moore Susannah (Suzie)
Peou Madeline
Pittaway Asha
Pittaway Bronte
Pyne Zanna
Richardson Emma
Rivers Emily
Roberts Dyllan
Sampson Mia
Simpson Amelie
Stegink Eloise
Stephens Samantha (Sammy)
Strang Amelie
Tilly Dannielle
Van Maanen Sienna
walley jorjah
20 & Under Squad

Head Coach: Gayle Watson-Galbraith

Coach: Rachel Anderson


bowes hannah
Brincker Lilly
Brown Ella
Clerk Poppy
Connolly Libby
Cox Lucinda
Joffe Kyler
Keating Rhianna
Kish Sophie
Kriletich Sarena
Magiatis Poppy
Quinlivan Lily
Wallis Amber