PNA values the role of our coaches in helping develop players and teams and this cannot be underestimated. At PNA we recognise the need to provide coaches with access to pathways that are packed with expert knowledge covering all areas of player and game development.


PNA provides assistance to all levels of coaching from the first timer who has just been given a ball and a set of bibs to those that are progressing through structured coaching pathways.

For many netballers, their coach is the individual that empowers them to fulfil their potential, inspiring them to carry on playing and enjoy the sport. Having the passion, enthusiasm and willingness to learn are qualities needed by any coach.

You may be a parent who wants to help at their child’s local school or club, or maybe you have been playing for a while and want to explore a different way of getting involved in the sport. Whatever your reason for getting into coaching, we can help you to find the right training to progress your knowledge and understanding and give you the confidence to realise your coaching ambitions.

As courses, workshops and hands on opportunities arise we will post details here and on our Facebook page.

If you would like to become a coach for a PNA club or for more information, please submit an enquiry via our contact page.

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