PIPP Program


“To be the best you can be”

This is a development program run by PNA for athletes that have been TID’d at Matthews. This will be the 1st year it will be run and is for athletes aged between 12 – 16 years inclusive. For the pilot year we will be running an 8 week program over October and November on Sunday afternoons.

Every year this will be reviewed and athletes will be invited into this program.  We are well aware that at this age athletes develop at different rates and if players have missed out this year, it does not necessarily mean they will not have an opportunity in subsequent years.  Likewise if they are selected to participate in the program this year, they will still be assessed on a yearly basis.

This 8 week program is aimed at developing skills but other things to be taken into consideration will be commitment to the program, general attitude, response to feedback and developing the club/team approach we want for players should they represent PNA in any capacity.

For the athletes that have been TID’d or played in 2018 STS Association Championships, Regional and Cadet Cup and meet the age requirements, they will be sent an individual letter inviting them to partake in this program.

For further information contact the PNA office on 9387 7011 or development@perthnetball.com.au