PNA Metro League

Metro League is an Association representative competition run by Netball WA underpinning to the WA Netball League. The competition will see the best players, coaches and umpires at each association involved in a 8 week competition.

Each Association is fielding representative teams in the following age groups: 14 & Under, 16 & Under, 18 & Under and Open.

2021 Metro League Details

The 2021 Metro League competition season begins on Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th August. There will be seven qualifying rounds followed by Grand Finals on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd September.

The 14 and Under and 18 and Under age groups will be played on Wednesday evenings and the 16 and Under and Open age groups will be played on Thursday evenings. 

Congratulations to the following athletes and coaches for being selected to represent PNA at the 2021 Metro League Competition!

14 & Under Team 1

Head Coach: Natasha Kriletich

Assistant Coach: Ivana Scotford


Bethany Clarke

Thalia Curley

Mia De Masi

Matilda Drennan

Alix McWha

Madeline Peou

Ashley Popp

Zanna Pyne

Emily Rivers

Amelie Simpson

14 & Under Team 2

Head Coach: Naomi Quinlivan

Assistant Coach: Helen Riolo


Arabella Barnaba

Lian Bewsher

Yasmin Brown

Lucy Couanis

Ella Gilbey

Ainslie Hollis

Juliet Kelly

Olivia Kowal

Jai’Lysa Ockerby

Asha Pittaway

14 & Under Training Partners

Emily Boyle

Georgia Crabb

Dyllan Roberts

Zuleeyah Treacy

16 & Under Team 1

Head Coach: Tanya Dean

Head Coach: Lyndal Gordon

Assistant Coach: Lyn Walsh


Sophie Heffernan

Grace Hepworth

Grace Jooste

Taiya Leone

Keely Reading

Bonnie Reiger

Lillie Sartori

Stephanie Towie

Anna Walsh

Jessica Wheeler

16 & Under Team 2

Head Coach: John Savill

Assistant Coach: Keira McNamee


Tayla Blackeley

Emily Cramond

Madeline Gasiorowski

Neve Gaunt

Isabella Harding

Jennai Malaquin

Indi McDonald

Lily Quinlivan

Jasmine Slatter

Sammy Stephens

16 & Under Training Partners

Ashli Darlington

Theresa Majok

Sarah Major

Meg McAullay

Abby McEachran

Bronte Pittaway

Mia Rakich

18 & Under

Head Coach: Tibbie Galbraith

Assistant Coach: Alyson Stephens


Hannah Bowes

Allegra Childs

Llewelyn Fellows

Kyler Joffe

Sophie Kish

Sarena Kriletich

Joelle Price

Lucia Short

Amber Wallis

Chloe Walsh

18 & Under Training Partners

Mary Majok

Lucy Taylor

Mikala Tutungis


Head Coach: Tracy Meade

Assistant Coach: Rachel Anderson


Ruby Bigwood

Lauren Britton

Lisa Dorn

Ceri Dunn

Emily Fuller

Sophie Lynch

Jessica Macer

Lani McKee

Richelle Newberry

Ellice Stewart

Open Training Partners

Kirsty Bell

Jessica Leamon