PNA Opens [56] vs Peel Netball Assn [28]
PNA 18’s Div 1 [57] vs Kalamunda and Districts [30]
PNA 16’s Div 1 [46] vs Southern Districts [45]
PNA 16’s Div 2 [23] vs Mandurah Waves [34]
PNA 14’s Div 1 [35] vs Southern Districts [34]
Perth 14’s Div 2 [20] vs Mandurah Waves [31]

MATCH REPORT – PNA 14’s Division 1 vs Southern Districts

There were a few nerves more out of excitement as this team had to watch everyone else last week as they had a BYE for the 1st round.

Wow, what a game, a tough way to start but the team was awesome and I saw 2 very happy coaches at the end of the game.

In the 1st quarter the defensive line was fantastic and saw Rebekah Aynsley and Mikayla Rogers both flying down court to take some screaming intercepts.  It took the attacking end some time to settle in the 1st quarter , however we kept ourselves in the game and the score was 8-7 to Southern Districts.

At the start of the 2nd quarter I am not quite sure what was said but they came out looking more settled – there was 1 change with Grace Hepworth coming on and the team started to see some great links through the mid-court .  This allowed the shooters to build on their timing and we saw some beautifully timed drives into the circle from Sarah Zsolt.   Sophie Heffernan was strong at the back, with well timed pop outs and confidence to go to the post. Defensively we saw Lillie Sartori at the back getting her hands to a lot of ball and showed great defensive work over the shot. The mid-court worked tirelessly on defence and created a lot of turnovers and there was great hands over pressure from Charisse Rond.

The half-time score was 17-16 to Southern Districts

The 3rd quarter saw some changes which did not seem to interrupt the flow, however it still remained goal for goal. Jasmine Kenaghy started to find the circle edge really well at WA and was letting the ball go to her shooters. We had a new shooting combination on and they didn’t seem to miss a beat.

At the end of the 3rd quarter it was still only 1 goal in it and we knew we were in for a tough 4th quarter. It was 25-26 to Southern Districts.

At the start of the 4th quarter the coaches made some brave decisions and they paid off.  Lucy Turner started to really settle into the game this quarter and took some really clutch shots, Jess Wheeler settled into the more familiar position of GD and combined well with her defensive partner. Charisse came back onto WD.

It was so tight Perth would get a couple ahead and then Southern Districts would come back at them but after trailing the whole game by 1 Perth turned it around with about 2 minutes to go and managed to hang on for the 1 goal win.

I think I heard a collective sigh from all the parents and coaching staff when the whistle went for full-time. Great 1st game to get under your belt PNA .

Special mention must go to the whole team who worked really hard as a unit.

Full-time score 35 – 34 to PNA