Find a Club

There are 76 member clubs that play at PNA, many with ties to local schools. Clubs may cater for participants across a number of age groups, and therefore, submit teams into our different age divisions.

The below table indicates which clubs have submitted teams in each division for the 2023 Winter Competition. You can contact clubs directly or, alternatively you can create a visitor post on the PNA Facebook Page with your request to find a team!


Boys and girls, School Years 2/3 & 4/5.
Games played on Fridays @ 4:10, 5:05 & 6pm


Boys and girls, School Years 5 & 6. Games played on Saturdays @ 8 & 9am


School Years 7/8 & 9-12. Games played on
Saturdays @ 10 & 11:30am,1pm, 2.30pm & 4pm.


Females only. Games played on Saturdays @ 2:30pm & 4pm