Winter Competition

The PNA Winter Competition runs every year from April to September and caters for players ranging from Primary School to Open. If you are looking to participate, head to our Member Clubs page to see which clubs cater for your age group. 

All of our Winter fixtures and results can be found on the PlayHQ website >

The Rules We Play By

At PNA we play by the World Netball Rules as per the latest edition, 1st January 2024. Any further amendment to rules, policies and organisation of our competition can be found in the PNA Competition Handbook, see below. It is reviewed and updated annually.


Our youngest members play in our Yr 2/3 & 4/5 NetSetGO competitions under modified rules. These rules simplify the game and keep the focus on participation. As players move into our Year 5 and Year 6 competitions we slowly introduce full sized equipment, longer game times and the World Netball rules in their entirety.


For the 2024 season we are implementing all of the new rules as per the World Netball rule book, 1st January 2024, with the exception of Tactical Changes. As this requires that time be held and could impact the scheduling of our games, this rule will be replaced with Rolling Substitutions.

Competition Handbook

Completing a Scorecard

Ensuring our scorecards are filled out correctly is crucial part of our games. Different responsibilities falls on scorers, both teams and the umpires. We recommend teams nominate a coach, captain or team manager to ensure their part is completed before the scorecard is handed in. 

A detailed guide on ‘How to complete a scorecard’ can be found below. There is also a guide of ‘Match Responsibilities’ that can be found on the reverse side of your scorecard, see sample to right. Please ensure this is read and understood by everyone involved. Fines for failing to correctly complete your teams’ responsibilities will be issued as per Section 3.17 of the Competition Handbook.  

Head to our Club Resources page for more information about this years special rounds at PNA!

Scoring and Timing

It is the duty of each team to provide a scorer or timer each week. To find out your team duty, simply look at the fixture on PlayHQ. The first named team is responsible for collecting the scorecard from outside the match day office and keeping score. The second named team is responsible for timing. Please note: it is the winning teams responsibility to return the scorecard to the office after each match.  

A detailed guide to the scoring and timing responsibilities can be found on the reverse side of your scorecard, see sample below. See left for more details about completing the scorecard. Please ensure this is read and understood by anyone you assign to either duty.

Further information about scoring and timing can be found in sections 3.17 & 3.18 of the Competition Handbook. 

Fast Facts

Below is a list commonly asked game day questions. It’s a good idea for all officials, coaches and players to be familiar with these. Further information can be found in the Competitions Handbook or the World Netball Rule Book.

How is my team graded?

Seperate Grading Committees for Open, Year 9-12, Year 7/8 and all Primary School-aged competitions are elected at the Annual General Meeting. They are made up of the Competition Coordinator for that age group, who shall be the convener, and four other elected members from different clubs. When a club nominates a team at the beginning of the season they should include relevant information about their players and can also request a grade. The committee grades teams on their potential playing ability based on past players’ experience. Grading is reviewed after the first three rounds.

See section 3.3 of the Competition Handbook.

What if we don't have enough players for our game?

If you have unavailable players on match days there are a number of options to help you fill the team.

  • You may borrow a player from a team below you within your club. This is limited to 5 games per player per season. On the 6th game they will be moved up permanently to next highest division they have played in. Players may not play down without prior approval.
  • Players may also find indiviuals currently not registered with another PNA club to fill in. A Single Game Voucher (SGV) or Casual Fill-in Voucher (CFV) must be purchased from the PNA office prior the player taking to court. SGVs cost $16 which includes insurance cover under the Netball Australia Insurance Program. Anyone who is already registered with another association for the current season would have already paid for this insurance with their regisitration, and can therefore purchase a CFV at the cost of $10 instead. There are limits to the amount of times these vouchers can be used. 

See sections 3.12 – 3.15 of the Competition Handbook.

What can I wear / not wear on game day?

Players need to be in the club’s uniform that has been approved by PNA. It is up to the indiviuals to ensure they have appropriate sports shoes.

Leggings or long compression garments are permitted, as long as they are completely black, white or in a block colour to match the uniform.

With the exception of players in primary school age teams, long sleeved tops are not permitted to be worn under the club uniform, unless for medical or cultural reasons and in each case a Permit for Uniform Variation is required from PNA.

Players may also wear suitable sports gloves, prescription glasses, medical alert bracelets taped or under a sweat band, a soft brimmed visor, a headband made of soft materials and a wedding band that must be taped over.

Players may not wear any other type of jewellery or sharp adornments, including all piercings, even if these are taped over.

Remember your nails must also be short and smooth! Nail taping is not permitted.

It is the duty of match day umpires to ensure all player meet these requirements prior to taking to court. Should a player be found to be breaking any of these once a match is underway, that player may be immediately removed from the game with the position left vacant. The only exception is for Centre, in which case another oncourt player must change positions and leave their previous one vacant. The player removed may re-enter the game on a centre pass, once they have recified the requirement/s and are inspected by the umpire.

See sections 3.19 – 3.20 of the Competition Handbook.

What happens if someone gets injured?

PNA has fully qualified first aid officers from St John Ambulance on site during all match days in our Winter and Spring competitions and physiotherapy students are available from 8am on Saturdays. These services are available at our first aid post located near the Gold Netball Centre.

Its important for both umpires and players to be familiar with the correct match day protocol for dealing with injury/illness or blood.

If any of the above occur a player should appeal to the nearest umpire and when appropriate play will be stopped. The player requiring treatment MUST leave the court within 30 seconds and receive treatment off the court. Both teams are free to make substitutions and/or team changes ensuring the Centre position is filled. If a position has been left open for the affected player, they or another substitute, may take to court after a goal has been scored, during another stoppage for any of the above, or at the next interval.

For more serious injuries an umpire may hold time themselves and extend the stoppage time to ensure any injured or unwell participants are safely removed from the court. Where this can not be achieved umpires may decide to move the match to another free court, or in extreme circumstances, abandon the game.

Remember, blood on any person or equipment will also cause a stoppage of play by the umpires. All blood must be cleaned before play can resume. Players must leave the court to do this and may not retake to court with any signs of blood on clothing. Changing of uniforms may be required.

See World Netball Rules Rule 10

If you are a registered player or official and you have been injured at any training, game or organised netball activity you may be covered under the Netball Australia Insurance Program. It is important that anyone playing on a Single Game Voucher or Casual Fill-in Voucher notifies the office on the match day if they are injured.

What if it's bad weather, will we still play?

PNA will only cancel games if the weather at the courts is unsafe or if there are any other risks to public health and safety at the venue. PNA monitors weather conditions with the Bureau of Meteorology in the lead up to and during each match day, when required.  If any games are cancelled due to weather or other reasons, Club Coordinators will be contacted and a notice will be posted to the PNA Facebook page.  PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE PNA OFFICE with enquiries about cancellation of games.

See section 3.5 of the Competition Handbook.