The WA Premier has just announced a delay to the implementation of Phase 5 COVID-19 restrictions.  These Phase 5 restrictions, which were anticipated to further ease limits on gatherings, were due to commence on Saturday 18th July, coinciding with Round 1 of the PNA Winter competition.  Our competition will therefore start under the existing Phase 4 restrictions, which means that PNA has been required to make the following changes to our rules and playing conditions:

  1. The length of quarters for all Open, Year 9-12 and Year 7/8 matches will be reduced to 12 minutes.  The quarter-time, half-time and three quarter-time breaks for these age groups will also be reduced to 2 minutes, 4 minutes and 2 minutes.  This reduction in game time is necessary to allow for an increase in the interval between games so that courts can be cleared before the next timeslot arrives, which is a requirement under Phase 4.  PNA will reconsider the length of quarters when a date for the commencement of Phase 5 restrictions has been announced.
  2. The positions of players on the court must be listed on the scorecard for all matches.  Instead of recording players on the court with a / or tick, the players’ positions must be written (eg GK, WA).  Instructions will be included on the back of each scorecard.
  3. Participants are to arrive no earlier than 20 minutes prior to their match start time and must leave no later than 10 minutes after their game has finished.  PNA encourages participants to adopt a “Get In, Play and Get Out” approach while Phase 4 restrictions are in effect.


PNA recommends a limit of one spectator per participant, as provided in the Netball WA Conditions of Competition Phase 4.  Spectators also need to be aware that social distancing requirements still apply and they should keep a 1.5m distance apart when attending as a spectator.  Parents and guardians who wish to drop off and pick up their children from the Matthews Netball Centre are strongly encouraged to use the drop-off zones located on the access road between the netball courts and the football oval.  PNA will have staff at this location to provide safe access into the venue.

Increased Hygiene Standards

PNA will ensure that hand sanitiser is available at each entry gate and that goal post padding is sanitised between games.  The onus is on clubs to ensure that their own equipment is properly sanitised after each game, as required under the Netball WA guidelines.

PNA will communicate this information to our members via our website and social media channels but please also pass this on through your club network.

We look forward to your ongoing cooperation and support to ensure that we can commence our Winter netball season safely.